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Since 1988 SDM have turned statistics theory into profitable marketing practice, maximising our clients' mailing response rates and minimising wastage. Today we remain the acknowledged experts in this field.

We now also offer comprehensive information management solutions from software development to database marketing. All created with cutting-edge technology and tailored to our clients' exact requirements.

Who's Who

These are the people that make SDM the company that was held up by HSBC Bank as an example of how a small business should be run.

David Thomas, Director and Founder Member

Recent achievements: Production of corporate segmentation systems for a major retailer, a bank, travel companies, manufacturers and charities.

"SDM offer marketing with real intelligence: enabling you to realise the profit potential of the information resource held within your IT systems."

Paul Robinson, Director and Founder Member

Recent achievements: Greenpeace Facilities Management System, Coca-Cola Schweppes database management.

"Every SDM solution is built on solid technical foundations, so every innovation has its roots in proven reliability."