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SDM have developed a secure, web-enabled solution named Spectrum giving complete control of the flow, management, access & analysis of customer & prospect data to organisations that wish to move away from data management services provided by traditional bureaux. Key benefits include significantly reduced data processing costs, faster project turn around, greater self-sufficiency, and reduced reliance on a third-party.


A complete forum system is incorporated into Spectrum, which allows all relevant parties to coordinate communication and monitor the status, process and progress of a project in one place.


An integrated method of getting data into and out of Spectrum, Transfer allows all pertinent files to be organised and assigned to relevant Spectrum services without the need to set up complicated system protocols.


A comprehensive online data bureau solution. Spectrum Process offers a full data processing and database management service including deduplication, PAF Enhancement, Database Updates, Mailsort and output formatting.


An online data store of key documents and reports relating to any projects run within the Spectrum system. This searchable facility allows rapid location and download of information whether you require the latest item or a historical one.


To rapidly analyse your database we offer two routes. Online quick counts are available to perform what-if scenarios, Dashboards are built in conjunction with our clients to enable rapid examination of Key Performance Indicators.


Market leading data products for your acquisition needs. Lifestyle, psychographic and Electoral Register data are all available for consumer campaigns whilst accurate Business-Business data is available and segmented via Honeycomb.